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How Does It Work?

We have 100s of acts on our database!!

We visit your premises, explain the options, advise on set-up and time, provide light and sound equipment if necessary, chose the right acts for your clientele, supply posters, tickets, flyers, try to get a free write-up in your local press and a mention on local radio etc. etc., even provide exterior banners if required! We also attend each event to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Shows are aimed at filling your till with income from wet sales and ticket sales. An “average” night would go…

  • 7.30 : Bar Begins to Fill
  • Customers Buy Drinks
  • 7.50 MC announces ‘Show will start soon so stock up with drink before the acts come on.’
  • Customers Buy Drinks
  • 8.10 MC “warms” the crowd then introduces 1st act
  • 8.40 1st Act finishes – Break Time
  • Customers Buy Drinks
  • 9.00 MC “warms” the crowd then introduces 2nd act
  • 9.30 : 2nd Act finishes – Break Time
  • Customers Buy Drinks
  • 10.00 MC “warms” crowd then introduces Headline act
  • 10.30 Headliner finishes – MC “plugs” next gig and reminds customers that the bar is still open.
  • Customers Buy Drinks

Please Note – One of the “tricks of the trade” is to close the bar whilst acts are on stage. – This is made clear to customers with the result that they “stock up” in case they run out.


The outcome is…they buy more drink than normal.